The Sorcerer's Conspectus:

A comprehensive view of Andre Norton's Witch World

by Lotsawatts

Sorceress of the Witch World

5th Novel in the [Witch World: Estcarp Series] by Andre Norton

sorceress of the witch world 1968 h 084 

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Edition Used for Analysis:

(1968) Published by ACE, PB, # H-84, $0.60, 221pg ~ cover by John Pound 


Now that she has lost her witch power, Kaththea worries that she will become a gate for the evil forces of Shadow to enter the safe places of Escore and sets out to seek the aid of the Witches of Escarp in regaining her power. Swept up by an avalanche in the mountains, she is captured by the primitive and savage Vupsall tribe. Their leader, Ifeng, forces her to become the tribal seeress, but after she fails to foresee an enemy attack, she seizes the chance to flee. Drawn through an interdimensional gate, Kaththea finds herself in a sterile world inhabited by the Kolder-like Zandur. Her fear turns to amazement and delight when she discovers her parents, Simon and Jaelithe, still captive after many years. Through the combined use of their powers and with the help of Hilarion, an old God of Escore, they all escape to the Green Valley and there, reunited with Kemoc and Orsya, Kyllan and Dahaun, they deal the final blow to the Shadow, regaining the golden peace of Escore's past.

Timeline Points:

  1. p6. After birth Jaelithe ailed.
  2. p7. Simon Tregarth disappeared, Jaelithe followed, Kyllan & Kemoc joined Borderers, Kaththea taken to Place of Wisdom in Estcarp and for some years cut off from the world.
  3. p8. The Turning and escape to Escore. (see: Three Against the Witch World)
  4. p9. Kaththea meets Dinzil and goes to the Dark Tower. Kemoc struck Kaththea down. (see: Warlock of the Witch World.)
  5. p40. Meeting with Utta.
  6. p52. Death of Utta - Kaththea becomes Wise Woman: "Ifeng, son of Kain, son of Jupa, son of Iweret, son of Stoll, son of Kjol, whose father Uppon was my first consort, the time has come that I step behind the final curtain and go from you."
  7. p134. Meeting with Hilarion.
  8. p139. Hilarion entrapped 1000 years ago.
  9. p147. Reunion with Simon & Jaelithe.
  10. p177. Simon predicts Alizon would move again.
  11. p224. Cleared shadow from Escore, Jaelithe and Simon return to Estcarp.
  12. p235. Kaththea: 'Then I, too, learned the surprises time can deal: I had entered here in the coldest grasp of winter, but I came out now into the warmth and sun of spring—the month of Chrysalis, still too early for the sowing of fields, and yet a time when the new blood and first joys of spring stir in one, bringing a kind of restlessness and inner excitement. Still, to my reckoning, I had only been away days, not weeks!'

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